Summer Never Ends

With Zautra party™ summer never ends

Non-profit organization

Style, good taste and passion to party – this is all in one.

We offer best music, organize awesome parties and commit to you and great music artists by sharing good music and contributing to its visibility and popularity.


Zautra party™ project oficially launched on November 3rd, 2011, when the first track was added on our, by then almost unknown, Youtube channel. It was a Lithuanian DJ artists "Vaitaitau" remix of "Jazzanova - I Can See" Only 3 people worked on the project at that time. After 6 months of various activities, 14 members from all over the world were administrating the channel, trying to find the best music for Zautra party™ events and of course - for you.

Project is non-profit organization, so we are thankful for support and loyalty of all the Zautra party™ members and partners.


Maéva Blanc
Title : Head of Zautra party
Location : Paris, France
Role : Doing everything.
Active : 2014 - now

Eigintas Aleksandravičius
Title : Senior Partner
Location : Vilnius, Lithuania
Role : Business Development And Event Coordinator
Active : 2012 - now

Sébastien Bonnet
Title : Senior Partner (Communication dept. Manager)
Location : Paris, France
Role : Comunication and Event projects management for Paris region
Active : 2011 - now

Robertas Davidovičius
Title : Senior Partner (Social marketing management)
Location : Vilnius, Lithuania
Role : Comunication and Social media expert.
Active : 2015 - now

Donatas Zautra
Title : Founder / Advisor
Location : Paris, France / Kaunas, Lithuania
Role : Design and creative
Active : 2011 - now


SAS "PMH Trade Mark Solutions"
28 Boulevard Camelinat,
Gennevilliers, France

Honorary Members

Povilas Poderskis
Title : Co-founder
Location : Kaunas, Lithuania
Role : Not active
Active : 2011 - 2015

Aurimas Preilauskas (a.k.a Manfredas)
Title : Co-Founder
Location : Vilnius, Lithuania
Role : Not active
Active : 2011 - 2015

Alexandre Moreu
Title : Senior Partner (Head of Zautra party - Visual art)
Location : Paris, France
Role : Not active
Active : 2011 - 2015

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This site is far from complete and we are working on it every day. If you have feedback, ideas, or discover bugs on the site, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks!

-- Zautra party™ team